Haico Nitzsche – was previously a leading creator of ceramic art-forms, who produced traditional utensils of high quality. Clearly his time as senior master at the Design Institute of India 1968 – 70 has influenced him, so that today he stands out as a pure sculptor but clay materials are still relevant to his art.

Nitzsche is a sculptor, who allows ancient forces hidden in the plasticity and form of the clay and which are fused at the moment of firing to become elements of pictorial cultural history to antiquity, and, in a lesser perspective leads to childhood experiences.

Often his work portrays an illusory presentation of everyday things, but the interplay of the materials he uses leads surrealistically to an association with the best of American pop-art, and to artists such as Jasper Johns and George Segal. His work challenges the viewer to a reflection of the existential questions surrounding the folly of existence.»

Bornholm Museum of Art, Lars Kærulf Møller